Veena Stone March 1st Grader of the Month

Veena is an adorable 1st grader who has molded right into the exciting environment here at NBGC. She’s polite, helpful and loves being involved in everything.

Veena participates in Reading Buddies, a program where 5th & 6th graders spend a half hour each week reading with a 1st grader. She loves being in the Art Room, especially on Fridays which is Cooking Day. When Leslie comes from the Atheneum to do Button Making with the kids, Veena is sure to be there.

This year she has also participated in Club sports. She played on the NBGC DIII “Links” Girls Basketball Team.

Coloring, playing GaGa outside and playing Air Hockey in the Games Room are just a few things among all the things she looks forward to when she comes to the Club.


Movie/TV Show – Beauty and the Beast
Book – Beauty and the Beast
Color – Blue
Food – Fish

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Wants to rescue animals.