Stephany Zavala December Youth of the Month

Stephany is a 7th grader and one of the giggliest girls at the Club. Always laughing at everything and everyone, including herself, she brings such a positive and happy vibe with her consistently.

This year Stephany played on the NBGC “Barcelona” Soccer Team.

Moving to the US from El Salvador in 2015, her English has improved significantly and she loves teaching the staff new Spanish words. Every day when Stephany comes in to the Club she helps tremendously with the 1st grade program. She assists in delegating the 1st graders to their activities for the day and enjoys coloring with them in the Canteen.

Stephany can also be found outside or in the Teen Room socializing with her friends or playing games in the Computer Lab.


Color: Pink
Movie/TV Show: Fuller House
Food – Cheese Pizza