Burke Lombardi & Rowan Paul February Athlete of the Month

Boy Athlete of the Month
Burke Lombardi
3rd Grade
Burke, a two sport athlete here at the club, lives and breathes football and basketball. Burke not only excels in these sports by luck, from the moment he comes through the doors, you can find him either on the football field or in the gym playing basketball. Burke played for the Division II Football Champion Cowboys this past fall and now is a leader for our 3rd and 4th grade travel basketball team in the winter, along with playing up a league in Division I for the Hawks. Burke not only is a role model on the court but also off the court, helping Joe and Matt in the gym when they need and also helping at the scorer’s table for games. Burke has now finished up his travel season finishing in 2nd place in the Cape Cod youth league and will continue his in house season for the Hawks going forward. Congratulations Burke!

 Girl Athlete of the Month
Rowan Paul
3rd Grade
Rowan, a multi-sport athlete here at the club, participated in cheerleading, soccer, and field hockey this fall and currently is participating in basketball in the winter season. Playing basketball for her third consecutive year, Rowan has become an avid basketball player and really showing it on the court, leading the Division II Liberty to a great start to the season. She is not only becoming a great player on the court but also does a great job off the court. Rowan is always someone you can find not only working hard but with a smile on her face. She continuously is helping Matt and Joe with tasks that they need done and also at the scorer’s table whenever help is needed. Rowan continues the rest of her season with the Liberty this winter and then it’s only a question of which sport Rowan will play next. Congratulations Rowan!