The Arts

The Arts programs challenge our Club kids to express themselves through creative outlets and mediums. From photography to painting, our Club kids are encouraged to see the world in different and new ways.


ImageMakers is a national photography program designed to help members ages 6 – 18 years old go beyond snapshots and develop skills to take photographs that can impact the viewer. The current popularity and accessibility of photography makes it a powerful means to engage youth of all ages in creative activities, simultaneously teaching skills they will use for the rest of their lives. For some youth, photography opens a door to creative self-expression that no other art form allows. Club members’ photos from this program that are selected at the national level are exhibited at the annual BGCA National Conference.

National Fine Arts Exhibit

National Fine Arts Exhibit is designed to enable Club members 6 – 18 years old to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through visual arts. The exhibit has 10 categories, including monochromatic drawing, multicolored drawing, pastel, watercolor, oil/acrylic, printmaking, mixed media, collage, sculpture, and a collaborative group project. This national program encourages artistic expression. Club members’ drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures are displayed at local and regional exhibits.

Drama Matters

Drama Matters education builds self-confidence, sparks creativity and boosts academic achievement. The Drama Matters afterschool program guide is a weekly program consisting of 60 minute sessions segmented for beginner, intermediate and advanced members.

Digital Creators Club

Digital Creators Club transforms the computer lab into creative space for member’s 4th-6th grade. This time is dedicated to creating YouTube based platform that will include a magnitude of different topics. The members will come up with ideas both individually and as a group from which they will create skits that will be filmed, edited and uploaded to the YouTube channel.

Photo Club

Photo Club members of all ages will have the opportunity to express their creativity through images. This club teaches youth the basics of digital photography. Members will go on field trips around the island capturing images of Nantucket landscapes. These images will then be uploaded to a computer and each photographer will pick the one they want to edit and print. All members will maintain a digital portfolio of their work from start to finish.