Isla Grimes April 1st Grader of the Month

Isla Grimes enjoys each day at the Club and makes the most out of it. She’s always willing to try out new activities and programs. Isla spends a great amount of her time in the Art Room. She is part of the National Program, Book Nook, where she loves to read and challenge herself. She loves being part of our Photo Club, she enjoys field trips and taking photos! Isla is also part of the National Program, MyFuture. And as a first grader, she is part of our Big & Lil group, where our 5th and 6th graders spend time with our younger members and lead as mentors. Isla played on the Rockers during the basketball season. Isla also loves spending time in the Games Room and the gym!

TV Show/Movie – Finding Nemo
Book – Loves all book! Can’t think of one
Color – Purple
Food – Mac & Cheese
What do you want to be when you grow up? – Artist