Colby & Leah Lucas January Athletes of the Month


Colby has started off the year strong in athletics, playing flag football and basketball in the 5th-6th grade division. Colby led the division I giants to a 5-1 record but unfortunately came up short in the semifinals of the division. Quarterback of the offense, Colby led the giants with his precision passing and great vision on the field. Colby also made the flag football all-star team which beat the vineyard and then went on to play in the regional tournament in Marlborough, MA. Now into the basketball season, Colby has excelled for the 6th grade all-star team. With his sharp shooting and tenacity on defense, the team has started off 4-3 with a couple of close losses.

Colby can be found in the gym or on the football field at the club, always doing something active and practicing to get better each day. Colby is a good role model to his peers, always being respectful and playing hard every moment of the game. Colby is not only a good role model for his peers but also for his younger siblings Sammy and Aleah. Colby has had a great start to the year and we look forward to seeing what he does going forward the rest of the basketball season. Congratulations Colby!


Following in her brothers’ footsteps, Aleah has had a great start to her second year here at the club. While not participating in any sports in the fall, Aleah is participating in 1st-2nd grade basketball this winter playing for the division III Eastwood team. Aleah has really excelled from last year to this year. She has been doing a great job with her dribbling and shooting skills, really showing off the practice she has put in this off season!

Aleah always brings a positive attitude day in and day out, bringing a smile every day. Not only does she have a positive attitude, but she also is a fierce competitor on the court, always bringing her best and working to get better! Aleah is a good role model not only on the court but off the court as well for her peers. After her performance to start this winter, we look forward to seeing what Aleah continues to do the rest of the season! Congratulations Aleah!