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Olivia Tuttle April Youth of the Month

Olivia Tuttle can be seen around the Club with the biggest smile on her face. She continues to show what it means to be a positive influence. Olivia enjoys spending time with her friends, helping out others when it’s needed, and make the most of her time at the club. …More

Lizandro Ramos April Member of the Month

Lizandro Ramos is a spark of joy for our Club! He loves being a member here and finding new things that interest him! Lizandro has been spending a great amount of time in the Art Room! Recently, he’s been a huge help in the Dorothy Walker Project, where he helped …More

Steve Romero March Youth of the Month

Steve Romero strives to show what it means to be a member here at the Club. He loves to help, hang out, and play with our younger members. Steve tries set an example and be the best he can be. He enjoys spending time in the gym, being outside, playing …More

Sianna Ivilova March Member of the Month

Sianna Ivilova shines through with her bubbly personality. You’ll often find her playing carpet ball and various other games in our games room. She loves being creative in the Art Room with pearler beads and various other projects. Sianna enjoys dodgeball in the gym and shooting some hoops. She also …More

Ethan Jarrett & Willow Psaradelis April Athletes of the Month

Boy Athlete of the Month Ethan Jarrett 5th Grade Ethan, a two sport athlete here at the club, spends all his time either on the basketball court or on the football field. Ethan just finished up basketball season, leading the 5th-6th Grade Travel team and the Division I Suns throughout …More

Jordan Fox February Member of the Month

Jordan Fox has such a positive impact on everyone, including members and staff, at the Club. He enjoys spending time outside playing with his friends. Jordan really enjoys taking photos, learning the basics, editing numerous photos, and the field trips in Photo Club. Jordan is super excited for boxing in …More