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Daniella Garcia May Member of the Month

Daniella is a bright and playful young girl. Daniella is happy doing anything as long as she has her friends by her side. She enjoys playing Labyrinth in the Games Room. Art Room projects and baking activities are also among Daniella’s favorites. When the weather is right, she loves dominating …More

Mario Orozco May Youth of the Month

Mario is lover of all things Games Room. He will play any new game and most likely win. He loves to help in any way that he can, whether it be assisting another member with a game or helping to clean the canteen. Mario also loves to tell jokes and …More

Andre Barrett April Youth of the Month

Andre has only been on Nantucket for a few months and upon joining NBGC made an instant impact on the kids and the staff. One of his first appearances at the Club was for the Middle School Valentines Dance. Andre was swarmed by every single kid at that dance. They …More

Amberly Acosta April Member of the Month

Amberly is one of the most vivacious and brightly spirited 2nd graders. She has come so far since last year. Now Amberly is positive role model amongst her age group. Never taking life too seriously, Amberly is always laughing, spreading her good vibes and natural happiness throughout the Club. Amberly …More

Akeel Walker March Member of the Month

Akeel moved to Nantucket from North Carolina last summer. Knowing how new he is to the community, it’s been so nice seeing him jump right into a variety of Club activities. He loves sports. This year he was on the NBGC Boys Travel Basketball Team, as well as the NBGC …More

Jayquan Francis March Youth of the Month

Jayquan is an easily likeable young man. He has made leaps and bounds this school year. Give him a responsibility and watch him take charge. A lover of all things sports, specifically basketball and football – the 12 year old enjoys helping Andrew in the gym whether it’s collecting all …More