Garvia Lee April Member of the Month

Youth – Garvia Lee My favorite book is “The Fault in Our Stars”. My favorite colors are blue and yellow My favorite TV Show is “Sanford & Son” My favorite food is Chicken Lo Mein And I haven’t decided what I want to be when I’m older.

Jayquan Francis March Youth of the Month

Jayquan lives for Basketball. He plays for two Club teams in the JRNBA and Euro leagues AND plays for the middle school team. Other members look up to Jayquan for his talent on the basketball court, his work ethic, and his inclusive attitude towards others. When he isn’t in the …More

Jordan Rodriguez February Youth of the Month

Jordan Rodriguez-Reyes – Youth of the Month Jordan Rodriguez-Reyes is a positive influence of our community at the Club. Jordan comes to the Club after-school, to hang in our Teen Room (The Nest), and find out what’s happening in there. Jordan participates in the tournaments and games of the month! …More

Gaven Smith January Youth of the Month

Gaven Smith brings great energy and attitude to the Club. Gaven enjoys spending time in the gym to play some basketball and hang with his friends. Gaven is currently on Fusaros, DI, for basketball. He will spend time outside, playing football with all his friends. Gaven also looks forward to …More

Sayam Thapamagar December Youth of the Month

Sayam Thapamagar is a well-rounded member who involves himself in lots of things offered at the Club. He played Division I Football and Division I Soccer, and is excited to begin playing Division I Basketball for the Atlantic Landscaping team. Sayam is a part of Power Hour, an afterschool homework …More

Carlos Aguilar November Youth of the Month

Carlos Aguilar enjoys coming to the Club! You’ll often find him hanging out in the gym playing basketball. That’s where he loves to spend most of his time at the Club. He enjoys shooting some hoops and hanging out with his friends.  He pushes himself when it comes to basketball …More

Edin Vasquez October Youth of the Month

Edin Vasquez has been a positive member of the Club since 1st grade! He has always loved coming to the Club and participating in various programs. Edin enjoys practicing his basketball skills each day in the gym. He enjoys coming to Teen Night and having the chance to play more …More

Nathalia Tovar Tejada May Youth of the Month

Nathalia Tovar Tejada enjoys spending lots of her time in The Nest! She’ll often play games, tournaments, and hang out with Tara and her friends in our teen room. Nathalia loves to be in the Art Room, work on all of the art projects that are happening. She will often …More