KC Channer February Youth of the Month

KC has a passion for basketball and thrives for any chance to play it. KC spends most of his time around a basketball and in the gym. He also finds himself spending time in The Nest, either hanging out with some of his friends or playing Fortnite. KC has a …More

Hayden Schell January Youth of the Month

Hayden’s love for basketball has been a positive part of his life and influence at the Club. He loves any opportunity to play in the gym, where his passion can thrive. He’s excited about his basketball season starting up in February. When Hayden isn’t playing and practicing Basketball, you can …More

Denrick Francis December Youth of the Month

Denrick is not only new to NBGC, he is new to Nantucket and so far he’s a wonderful addition to the NBGC Community. He is always helping with the younger kids. Playing games with them in the Games Room. He is heavily involved in the NBGC Soccer program. Not only …More

Donnya McKenzie November Youth of the Month

Donnya, like most teens, is very active in the Teen Room. She participates in each Monthly Theme Tournament, whether it be Carpet Ball, Jenga, Dominos or Lifeline. When Donnya first arrives at the Club she checks in with her 1st grade Brother, Eion, every day. She encourages him to do …More

Nick Feare September Youth of the Month

Now a freshman in high school, Nick has been Youth/Member of the Month for multiple consecutive years. He is here every day after school and is even now a part-time employee selling snacks out of the beloved Snack Shack. Even before he was hired as an official Staff Member, he …More

Hayley Lamb June Youth of the Month

Hayley, although very independent, loves sharing her interests with the staff – whether it’s a new comic or movie character, a new video game or a new book. Her excitement beams outward the instant she crosses over from school to NBGC as she shares her new interest of the day …More

Mario Orozco May Youth of the Month

Mario is lover of all things Games Room. He will play any new game and most likely win. He loves to help in any way that he can, whether it be assisting another member with a game or helping to clean the canteen. Mario also loves to tell jokes and …More

Andre Barrett April Youth of the Month

Andre has only been on Nantucket for a few months and upon joining NBGC made an instant impact on the kids and the staff. One of his first appearances at the Club was for the Middle School Valentines Dance. Andre was swarmed by every single kid at that dance. They …More

Jayquan Francis March Youth of the Month

Jayquan is an easily likeable young man. He has made leaps and bounds this school year. Give him a responsibility and watch him take charge. A lover of all things sports, specifically basketball and football – the 12 year old enjoys helping Andrew in the gym whether it’s collecting all …More

Ella Mae Fox February Youth of the Month

Ella Mae is a lovely 6th grader who spends almost all day, every day in the Art Room. She possesses not only a uniquely creative energy, but also a strong willingness to help others around the NBGC community. She helps organize projects in the Art Room daily, volunteers to help …More