Amberly Acosta April Member of the Month

Amberly is one of the most vivacious and brightly spirited 2nd graders. She has come so far since last year. Now Amberly is positive role model amongst her age group. Never taking life too seriously, Amberly is always laughing, spreading her good vibes and natural happiness throughout the Club. Amberly …More

Akeel Walker March Member of the Month

Akeel moved to Nantucket from North Carolina last summer. Knowing how new he is to the community, it’s been so nice seeing him jump right into a variety of Club activities. He loves sports. This year he was on the NBGC Boys Travel Basketball Team, as well as the NBGC …More

Deniro Graham February Member of the Month

Deniro is a quiet, respectful 2nd grader who loves being active. When he comes to the Club he looks forward to Open Soccer in the Gym. When the Gym isn’t available he will likely be outside playing Soccer or GaGa. His interest in history and architecture shows in his drawings …More

Jake Haigh January Member of the Month

Jake Haigh is a fairly quiet 5th Grader, with a kind spirit and lots of friends. Jake is currently playing in the NBGC DI Basketball league. Often times Jake can be found in the Computer Lab participating in myFuture, a BGCA National Program and a program that’s been very successful …More

Anabela Gaurilcikas December Member of the Month

Anabela is an active 4th grader. She is on the NBGC Division 4 “Sparks” Basketball Team. She participates in Smart Girls and Power Hour, both National programs. When asked why she enjoyed coming to the Club, she explained that it allows her to do what she loves most – be …More

Lily Potter November Member of the Month

Lily Potter is a 5th grader who has been coming to the Club since 2nd grade. Anyone who knows her knows she’s a great big sister to Emma, enjoys arts and crafts, looks forward to sailing field trips in the summer and is great at trying new things! She loves …More

Garvia LeeSeptember Member of the Month

Garvia is in the 5th grade and her favorite subject at school is math. At the Club she can be found in the Computer Lab, Learning Center or outside. She enjoys playing basketball and would like to be selected for the travel basketball team this season. When Garvia’s friends describe …More

Owen Haigh

Owen Haigh May Member of the Month

Owen is 8 years old and in 2nd grade at NES. He has a 9 year old older brother named Jake who is a club kid too! He has been a member since 2016. Owen’s favorite subject in school is science. At the Club, Owen loves to play basketball and …More

Aalyssa Lawrence March Member of the Month

Aalyssa Lawrence March Member of the Month

Aalyssa is 6 years old and has been chosen for March’s 2017 Member of the Month! Aalyssa is in first grade at NES and this is her first year being a member at the Boys & Girls Club! She has an older sister named Tiana. Aalyssa exemplifies the well-rounded spirit …More

Jordan Fox, Young boy in a white shirt

Jordan Fox February Member of the Month

Jordan has been chosen for February’s 2017 Member of the Month! Jordan is 7 years old and in the first grade. He has been a member of the Club since 2016. You can always find Jordan in good spirits! He is polite, kind, generous, funny and excited to be a …More