A Response to our Country’s Protests

Dear Nantucket Boys & Girls Club Community,

We support those across the country who are peacefully protesting the unjust murder of George Floyd. We add our voice to the many that are calling for social and systemic change.

Boy with red hat on the field.

The Nantucket Boys & Girls Club will always advocate for and promote the basic but most important values of equality, diversity, inclusion, respect, and leadership. Our mission is to empower Nantucket youth to reach their fullest potential, and the fundamental way in which we do this is by teaching our members to uphold these values in their daily lives. During their time at the Club, we witness our members learn and lead with these values in their hearts. From giant games of Gaga outside with members of all ages, to the end of a Championship game where the losing team shakes hands with the winners, to teen members helping our youngest members navigate the Club, to our giant tables in the canteen where our members all congregate for a snack. As people who work with these children for many of their most formative years on a daily basis, we are proud to witness our members grow from children into thoughtful and exceptional adults.

Members, this is a direct message to you. You have experienced more as children in the past few months than most would have ever thought you would. We support you, sympathize with you, but most importantly empower you to be the best versions of yourselves. We hope, as you navigate through the difficult months and years ahead, that you will carry the lessons learned, memories made, and the relationships formed at the Club wherever you go. Use them to guide you and comfort you in tough times. Members, we stand with you and will always stand with you. You have our utmost admiration and gratitude.


The Nantucket Boys & Girls Club